News: Paul McCartney music videos star Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp.

Paul McCartney recently premièred three music videos for his new single “My Valentine”. One video stars Natalie Portman, the second Johnny Depp, and the third combines both videos into one.

Image courtesy of

The videos feature both Portman and Depp miming along to the track using sign language, with Depp playing the guitar solo which he recorded live. You can watch both videos below.

Over the top?

The former Beatles’ front man held a star studded premiere at the Stella McCartney store in Los Angeles to showcase his brand new music videos.

The event was attended by a host of Hollywood stars including the likes of Dave Grohl, Chris Martin, Orlando Bloom and Zooey Deschanel.

A little over the top for just a music video?

Video courtesy of noisey

Video courtesy of Rolling Stone


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Uh Oh Heidi’s Back.

Former reality TV star, Heidi Montag is attempting to break the pop charts.

She blew 2million on her first failed attempt at a music career just two years ago when she released her first album called Superficial.

However fame craving Heidi isnt giving up her dream of becoming a pop senstation just yet. The former TV personality and plastic surgery addict is releasing a new album titled Dreams Come True.

The 25-year-old has released a promotional image for the new album which shows her wearing a very revealing hot pink swimsuit.

She’s also pushing her new tracks- Your Love Found Me, Party Is Wherever I Am, No More and Overdosin – on her Twitter page.

She even admitted that the last attempt at musical success was a financial disaster, saying: ‘I spent $2 million on my music career, and it didn’t happen for me.’

One half of Spedi, Heidi and her husband Spencer, were once one of the biggest reality TV stars in America. However their popularity plummeted after a string of ludicrous publicity stunts.

Will Miss Montag EVER give up?


Image Courtesty of USWEEKLY.COM

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TOWIE’s Mario Falcone: ‘I’ve slept with over 500 women’

Womaniser Mario Falcon reveals he has bedded over 500 women.

The 24-year-old TOWIE star, who is currently dating Essex girl Lucy Mecklenburgy, boasted that he has even slept with five girls in a single night.

In an interview with Now magazine he said: “My most was during two weeks away in Crete — I slept with 23 girls!”

The Italian stallion  insists that his womanising days are over now that he is in a relationship with Lucy.

He added: “With Lucy, we have sex a lot. I get more of a thrill out of that than when I used to wake up and see a girl next to me and think, ‘Get out of my house!’ ”

However since the success of ITV2’s hit show TOWIE, he believes there is a downside to his new found fame: “Before, when girls threw themselves at me, I knew it was because of my good looks and because I had a lot of swag. Now I don’t know if they’re only doing it because I’m on TV.”

He also disclosed that he had a short fling with EastEnders actress and 2012 Strictly Come Dancing star Kara Tointon.

‘It was a few years ago. She was friends with my sister Giovanna. I was texting her at one stage but nothing happened.’

Mario also spoke about his current girlfriends infedility with ex TOWIE hunk Mark Wright. However Mario said he had forgiven Lucy and is not threatened by Mark.

He said:‘I don’t think anyone’s better than me.’

The launch of the fifth series of Towie pulled in 1.3million viewers on Sunday, and will air again on Wednesday at 10pm.

Find the rest of Mario’s interview in this weeks NOW magazine.


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Natasha defends the decision on why she should win Celeb Mum Of The Year

Cheating celebrity Mum Natasha Giggs fires back at the comments made about her being up for nomination for Celebrity Mum of the Year.

After being nominated she has been receiving abuse from her critics via the social network Twitter. Whilst her fans have been arguing that she did not nominate herself, Natasha has taken to twitter to comment.

Following the abuse online, over the weekend she tweeted;

“For the losers STILL on at me 4 bein up 4 mum of the year can u not see I was nominated to get u all talkin about it? And u fell 4 it #mugs (sic)”

She went on to comment about singer Stacey Soloman who has been axed from the shortlist after being caught smoking whilst pregnant.

“I honestly don’t think anyone had the right to judge u as a mother other than your children and loved ones! X,” she said.

 Natasha took part in Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 this year, and rapidly won over support from the public and fellow housemates despite a lot of negative publicity surrounding her affair with brother-in-law Ryan Giggs. The series was won by Denise Welch, who is also nominated for Celebrity Mum Of The Year.

One hater wrote: ‘Natasha Giggs nominated for Mother of the Year? Whaaaat? Who is on the shortlist for Father of the Year? Joseph Fritzl??’

It seems that Natasha isn’t the only celeb who has been up for debate over whether they deserve the title, since the shortlist has been released. Former EastEnder’s actress and fellow CBB housemate Natalie Cassidy, who has reunited  Adam Cottrell, her abusive ex, has also been nominated.

Other names who are also up for the title include;  Jennifer Ellison, Nicola Mclean,Peaches Geldof and Abbey Clancy.



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The Woman In Black Sequel Gets Greenlight

The first installation was only released a couple of months ago, but already the sequel has been confirmed by producer Hammer.

The first instalment was named the highest grossing British film in 20years and has made £75million worldwide so far.

The new film will be adapted by Jon Crocker and is said to take place 40 years on from the first movie.

Next Story

Like the first story, the second will be based on a finished book by Susan Hill and will be called ‘The Woman In Black: Angels of Death’ 

Simon Oakes, who is the vice-chairman and CEO of Exclusive Media said “It’s thrilling to be able to work with someone of Susan’s literary calibre on such a fascinating project”

No information has been released about when the film will hit UK cinemas.

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News: Courtney Love and Hole reunited?

Courtney Love performed with former grunge band Hole on Friday night for the first time in 15 years.

Image courtesy of

Love joined the rest of the band at venue Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NY. Before Love appeared on stage, bassist Melissa Auf der Maur asked the crowd:

“Is there a lady in the house who wants to join us for a song? We’re waiting because apparently there’s a Miss World in the house”.

The former Mrs Cobain then performed Hole’s hit song “Miss World”, along with a cover of band Wipers “Over the Edge”. You can watch a video of the performance below.

Video courtesy of GregFrederickcom

Love in trouble

This performance comes just days after Courtney Love’s daughter with late Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain announced that she wants nothing more to do with her mother.

Frances-Bean Cobain, 19, was accused by her mother of having a romance with former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, which was immediately dismissed by both parties.

Has Courtney lost it??


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News: Tupac shakes up Coachella.

Tupac Shakur appeared as a hologram alongside Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg during their performance at the Coachella festival in California over the weekend.

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The deceased superstar, who sadly passed away in 1996, appeared as life like as ever, walking around the stage and communicating directly with the crowd, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg.

The appearance certainly sent a shock wave around the entire world, including a mass of celebrity tweets:

“I think I might have cried when I saw Tupac. #coachella” – Katy Perry.

#TupacBACK #unbelievable #IWASTHERE #STORY4myGrandKidz” – Rihanna.

All an illusion

Creators of the hologram, Digital Domain confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that it was all a digital illusion. They stated:

“This is not found footage. This is not archival footage. This is an illusion, this is just the beginning. Dre has a massive vision for this.” 

It has now been rumoured that Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre are hoping to take the Tupac hologram out on tour with them.

You can take a lot at the Coachella footage below.

Video courtesy of SPRYTE Music


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